Our History

MATADERO FRIGORIFICO SAN RAFAEL S.A. starts your activities in January 1982, by giving one's services of so much own work as to the users of the area, by achieving with the time win users of other areas of the Mendoza province as General Alvear, Malargüe, Tunuyán and Mendoza capital; always below the supervision of the personnel of SE.NA.SA.; organism for which finds to him qualified.

  The industrial plant it is located more precisely southwards of the Mendoza province on the National Route n° 143 level with the km 650/651.

Account with a terrain on which place your installations whose total surface is of 33 Has.

  With the time and in the eagerness to adapt the refrigerator plant to the demanded conditions for international markets carried out work of substructure as refrigerating chambers, cutting up of hall, tunnels of frozen and as many work in the sectors of service; with which has achieved the qualification to export to international markets as those of Chile.

 MATADERO FRIGORIFICO SAN RAFAEL S.A. compromises to him not only to incorporate and implement new reforms and permanent equipment to keep the standards of quality of your services and the best hygienic-sanitary conditions of the production; but also to use and promote systems of sustainable production respect of the environment laws by protecting the health of the population.